Servata Online Applications offers comprehensive service packages so you don't need to worry - we'll handle it.

All services include:

Managed Support

  • No need to fill out tickets and wait for response - Always On-Call Support
  • Ongoing Professional Consultation, Recommendations for your Online Business Goals

Managed Website/Online Presence

  • Constant monitoring to be sure Website is up and running
  • Frequent testing to be sure forms work

Managed Hosting:

  • Individual Virtual Server - 3 CPU - 3.75 GB RAM - massive storage space

  • Constant monitoring for Security updates and patches

  • Constant monitoring for Uptime

  • Daily Backups to Amazon S3 - recovery service included

  • Frequent Security Scans, Intrusion Detection Alerts

  • Site Shield provided by CloudFlare

  • Up to 2 IP Addresses

  • Email Hosting by GMail

  • Email Sending by SendGrid

Package 1 - $300 per month - 12 months

Managed CMS:

  • WordPress (conversion to WordPress as necessary)
  • WordPress Security Updates

  • WordPress Plugin Security Updates

  • WordPress Content Updates (text, images, PDFs, audio files, video links)

  • Mobile version created and updated as necessary

  • Structured Data added to Website and maintained

  • Basic SEO performed/maintained

  • Social Media pages created - Facebook, Google +

Package 2 - $450 per month - 12 months

Managed Online Application Development:

  • Project Analysis and consultation (included)

  • User Experience and Use Case Analysis

  • Database Design and Optimization

  • Modern, multi-tier Application Design

  • Rapid, Iterative development process

  • Careful testing

  • Deployment Services

Package 3 - Call for Quote