Wounded Warrior Recovery Project

The lead project manager for WWRP and I were tasked with building a completely customized survey application that meets strict US Navy guielines for security and the protection of critical veteran data.

The project involves managing survey data for thousands of veterans, with multiple timelines for automated notifications as well as securely providing Amazon Gift Certificates when surveys are completed.

In collaboration with a high-end professional Graphic Designer, I built the entire code base for the custom survey application and all management features, including critical timeframe-based notifications, scored surveys, and scientific data collection.

The project was launched 2 years ago and is generating a wealth of usable scientific data which could lead to a better understanding of how to alleviate or mitigate the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD.

Biomass Finder Project

The founder and I were intent on building a modern, intuitive way for Biomass growsers and aggregators to connect with and buy/sell Biomass products to Biofuel Refiners, and Biomassfinder.com was the answer.

Underneath the beatiful design is a simple yet powerful Online Application for managing Growers, Aggregators, and Refiners, and sharing data about supplies and requirements using a Map-based interface, ideal for Refinery operators needing to maintain supplies in their pipeline.

Biomass Finder allows users to Sign Up, Log In, establish their Profile, and enter data concerning their supplies of or demand for Biomass.

Growers can enter their crop types, acreage, expected yields, and dates their biomass will be available.

Refiners can enter the type of materials they need, when they need it, and even begin the process of contracting for supplies. And data is mappable, so growers and refiners can see travel and delivery distances, as well as methods of transportation.

Hotel Captain Cook Managed Online Presence

Hotel Captain Cook is the preeminent upscale hotel for anyone visting Anchorage Alaska. The Revenue Management professional assisting HCC in managing bookings and the entire marketing operation needed our help with the CMS and performing SEO and other content updates, as well as SEO reporting.

Maintenance Operations include:

  • Setting up and managing a server using amazon Web Services
  • Updating the CMS.
  • Managing server security updates
  • Performing regular content updates

Mission Trails Regional Park Complete Rebuild

Mission Trails Regional Park is the largest Park in San Diego County, and contains a large variety of recreational resources, including hiking trails, horseback riding trails, the San Diego river, and a world-class Visitor and Interpretive Center.

The Website not only showcases all that Mission Trails Regional Park has to offer the public, the administrative area provides a vast array of features and functions for managing Park activities.

Over several years we completely redesigned the MTRP Website and completely rebuilt the code base supporting it from Classic ASP to a modern version of PHP using CodeIgniter framework and SQL Server.